Abby Buehler

In Loving Memory of Abby Abby, our beloved furry friend and faithful companion, has left an indelible mark on our hearts. She was a resilient soul, a survivor of the streets who found her way into our lives in 2017, though we truly met her in 2015 when our connection began to form. From that very first encounter, we knew Abby was special. Her vibrant spirit shone through her vocal and expressive nature. She had a way of filling our home with her joyful presence, and we were captivated by her charm. Abby had her own unique preferences and quirks. She had a passion for chewing on toys, savoring chips, bacon, and even kale – an eclectic taste that mirrored her vibrant personality. On the flip side, bath time was her nemesis, and she had a strong dislike for lettuce and bananas. Abby was a pup of distinct likes and dislikes, which only made her more endearing. Her loyalty knew no bounds, and she proved time and again that she was there for us through thick and thin. Her wardrobe was a testament to her pampered existence, and she reveled in the love and attention we showered upon her. Abby, AKA Mamita, choricita, habichuela, was indeed a spoiled, cherished baby girl. Her sudden and unexpected departure has left a void in our lives that is impossible to fill. We are overwhelmed with sadness, struggling to come to terms with the reality that she is no longer by our side. Abby was more than just a pet; she was family. A piece of our hearts went with her as she crossed the rainbow bridge. Abby, your memory will forever live on in our hearts. We will miss your boisterous presence, your unwavering companionship, and the joy you brought into our lives. Rest in peace, dear Abby girl. You will never be forgotten. Love, Mom, dad and brother.

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