After-Care Services

After-Care Services


Texas Pet Meadow cremates each pet by themselves in their own pet cremation chamber. This is to be sure that you receive your pet and only your pet’s ashes back. We do not offer Individual or Segregated cremation, only True Private Cremation. At Texas Pet Meadow we utilize a state of the art equipment and a highly innovative tracking system. We will return your pet’s remains in our standard wooden memorial chest. If you prefer, a permanent personalized pet urn can be selected from our website. Alternatively, you can select one by visiting the urn display at our facility. 

If you would like to read more about the difference between Private and Individual cremation, and would like to see a photo of our crematory, follow this link:


Viewing your pet prior to cremation can be an important part of the grieving process. Our private viewing room is a place where your family can gather to say goodbye to your cherished pet.


Your presence at the time of cremation is welcome. Schedule by calling our office.


This process involves cremating your pet simultaneously along with other pets. As a result, we do not return the cremains.


We will gently transport your pet from your veterinarian’s office or your home to our facility.


We know that the loss of a pet is a very emotionally difficult time. For this reason, we suggest that pet owners think about after-care options before the need arises.

You can make arrangements with us ahead of time. As a result, you can decide on your wishes during a time of calm, rather than crisis. Lastly, we encourage you to call us anytime for pre-planning of pet cremation services.

“Farewell, Master, Yet not farewell. Where I go, ye, too, shall dwell I am gone, before your face, A moment’s time, a little space. When ye come where I have stepped Ye will wonder why ye wept.”