Cinabon 1/14/12 – 11/19/23

Cinabon was the best dog ever! She was the corner stone of our family and our lives together. Ben, her daddy, owned her from 5 weeks of age until her death over 11 years later. She chose her mommy, Mariel, after her mommy and daddy went on their second date. Cinabon knew Mariel was the perfect mommy! Cinny was the big sister to two wonderful little girls, Lorelei Brynn and Adelina Belle. Cinny loved holidays and was routinely spoiled. Her mommy baked her a cake for every birthday and she was always dressed up for Halloween. She had the biggest stocking in the house for Christmas as well! We loved Cinabon so much. EVERYONE DID! We miss you, Old Lady. You’ll always be our “furst” born. You’ll always be Daddy’s good luck charm and Mommy’s cuddle buddy. You’ll always be Lorelei and Adelina’s best friend. Rest easy sweet girl.

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