Duke – 10/30/2023

Duke – 10/30/2023 Duke, you left us too soon, unexpectedly and fast, but you left peacefully in our arms. You are in our hearts forever. Someday the pain in my heart will lesson but your memory will always reamain strong. You gave us 11 wonderful years and you brought joy to our hearts. You were our ADHD dog and never stopped moving. You were goofy. You’d slap at my arm so I would give you some loving and if you thought I stopped to soon. We are going to miss you as our helper whenever we did anything in the yard and our comforter when we didn’t feel well. We will miss your excitement at milkbone time right before bed and how you would lay down in front of your kennel and not go in until you got the proper belly rub. We will miss how you would roll over on your back when you didn’t want to do something and you made us pay with belly rubs. Jumping over the couch as you ran to the kitchen for dinner was always a sight to see. We will always love you and forever be in our hearts.

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