Edgar 07.07.2015-09.25.2023

Edgar was the best kitty anyone could ask for. He was so calm, well behaved, curious, and caring. My sweet Edgar loved everyone and every animal, and over all he loved and trusted us. This loss physically hurts. The world more quiet without his meow and his big personality will live on forever in our memories and hearts. I have had Edgar in my arms since the day he was born, and I had him in my arms the day the fell asleep. I’m going to miss my napping buddy, my coworker, and my best friend. We were inseparable and we will always be inseparable in my heart. Edgar loved food, taking to us, rolling around on the concrete, being brushed, his sister and much more. My sweet baby boy I will miss you more than you can imagine. I take comfort in knowing we did everything we could and we spent every possible moment together and we spoiled him so much. All Edgar knew was love. He was such a joy, I would do it all over again because his love and the good memories of him outweigh all the pain. He was always so considerate of others, he was always by our side when we was sick. I will miss our routine, he loved looking at the cars and squirrels. I love you my baby Edgar 07.07.2015-09.25.2023

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