In Facility Euthanasia Services

In Facility Euthanasia Services

In Facility Euthanasia Services

We know saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, we now offer a peaceful place to say goodbye with our in-facility euthanasia services. These services give families more time with their pet during the difficult time of pet loss. At Texas Pet Meadow, Euthanasia services are provided by our partner veterinarian in the Pet Meadow facility. This service can be performed after a recommendation of euthanasia has been made by the pet’s primary care veterinarian. Euthanasia evaluations or quality of life assessments are not performed at Texas Pet Meadow.

In Facility Euthanasia with Private Cremation

Includes a standard urn choice (6 to choose from) with an engraved nameplate, a framed ink paw print, and personalized certificate of cremation. Additional keepsakes available for pet owners to order.

In Facility Euthanasia with Communal Cremation

In facility euthanasia can still take place for a communal cremation, however, no cremains will be returned. Our collection of keepsake options are also available in the memorial products area.

Appointments are available Sundays 1pm-5pm

Please call our office to submit your request for appointment and our veterinarian will reach out to confirm the appointment date and time. There is a $75 deposit required at the time of booking.

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