JAX 09/02/2009- 10/30/2023

Don’t cry, please don’t weep
Please try, to get some sleep
I know you’re sad and it’s because of me But please don’t cry, for now l’m pain free
I know you miss me and I miss you too
No one could have loved me more than you
I know of some dogs who run away to die But not me, I looked you straight in the eye
I didn’t want to leave you, but my body lost the fight
And now you mourn me day and night
You wish you could have giving me a bit more time to live
But please believe me, I had little more to give
I’m glad you took me on that day, there was no other choice I would have told you ‘do it’, if I had a human voice
Don’t feel guilty, I know it broke your heart
I was always going to leave you first, we knew it from the start
But what a life you gave me, it really was the best
Not many had a life like mine, for that l’m truly blessed
I hope one day I’ll see you again with a smile upon your face
But for now I’ll snuggle up inside your heart, my very favorite place

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