Lea – 10/03/2023

Lea – 10/03/2023 I’ll begin with words that come to my mind- fierce, strong, caring, and loyal. Lea has been a consistent force in our lives since the early days in Austin. It seems like only yesterday I came home to a large…dark figure…looking at me with intense brown eyes and a low growl. Time has moved swiftly through great escapes in the green belt..climbing trees…chasing squirrels and getting accustomed to new places to call home. Through it all we have been together. Lea has had many friends…Rosco was her favorite. She spent time with Frida and has grown to love Charlie like her own puppy. In knowing Lea I have learned to be strong, humble, gracious and kind. The past couple years have brought challenges to us all. Sometimes getting up in the morning is an accomplishment for us all. Time spent now shows what true love and devotion mean. If you didn’t get the chance to know Lea…that’s ok. I know if you ever met her you would be given kindness and lotsa licking (ESP If you have food!) Time is short now…but Lea will now be able to run fast and far. You will always have a place in my heart…Goodbye..I love you…THANK YOU.

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