Marley 04/02/2008-08/16/2023

Marley was the bestest girl there ever was. She enjoyed walks, cuddles, sniffs, and barking hello to everyone.

She loved car rides, especially when her Mama let her sit in her lap. Even though her Mama didn’t have a choice. Marley knew she was queen.

Marley has been with us for fifteen incredible years. And we will cherish every moment we had with her. She’s gone glamping with her grandpawrents, cross country car rides, met new people, and got as many sniffs in as she could along the way.

Her little nubbin may have barely wiggles, Marley showed her excitement with her bark and hopping around like a bunny.

She loved cuddles weather with mama and her toys. Marley didn’t typically chew on them but didn’t enjoy sharing her toys with her sister.

Marley survived surgery on her uterus when she was seven and a slipped disc when she was eight. She fought until the very end.

We love you Mars Bars. So very much. We miss you already. Mama loves you baby puppy.

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