Marley Mowery

08/16/2023 Marley was the bestest girl there ever was. She loved cuddles, barking hello, and sniffs. She enjoyed car rides, especially when her Mama let her ride in her lap. And by let, she didn’t really have a choice. Marley was queen, and she knew it. She wasn’t one for fetch or chewing on her toys but rather cuddling them. Though she didn’t enjoy sharing them much with her sister. She was a fighter in life and a lover in all other aspects. Marley will be incredibly missed by all those who had the opportunity to meet her. And severely missed by her Mama. Her little nubbin didn’t wiggle much, but you always knew when she was excited because she hopped around like a rabbit. We love you Mars Bars. It’s not the same without you looking for me or following me around.

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