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Accredited Pet Cremations Houston

We are the number one Accredited provider of True Private Pet cremation in Houston Texas. Conveniently located near Copperfield and Cypress.

We provide dog and cat cremation, as well as cremation for rabbits and other exotic pets (like lizards, birds, etc.).

We do not provide “Individual” or “Segregated” Cremation. Many crematories provide individual cremation, where multiple pets are segregated in a single chamber, cremated at the same time and removed one by one. We only provide true private cremations where each pet is in their own private chamber completely by themselves. We are the only accredited pet crematory in the Houston Area.

Follow this link The Benefit of Private Cremation, to learn more about the Private vs. Individual pet cremation.

We are located in the Copperfield, Cypress area of Houston and provide services to to all of Harris County. We understand the importance of providing trusted and reliable pet cremation in Houston for families.

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Pet Cremations Houston

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