Polo Rosales 03/20/2023 – 09/25/2023

Polo Rosales 03/20/2023 – 09/25/2023 Polo, thank you for the best 13 years of our lives. You came to us when life was tough, and you pulled us through. You showered us with your love and we at time took you for granted, and we regret that so much. Thank you for the unconditional love you’ve given us, we continue to miss you during our daily activities even more so after whenever you would call for us to join you for some TV time and your bone. We know you’re still with us in spirit, but it still hurts us all the same to know we don’t physically have you with us. One day we’ll be together once again and I look forward to seeing you and feeling your bites once more. Just as you came to us in times of trouble and led us to good times you’ve left us and our world has been shattered. But we know that you’re with the rest of the family and that we’ll all be together once again. We love you so much Polo and we would give everything to have you with us once again… Words aren’t enough to express how you’ve made us feel, but hopefully this can: “If I had all the words, I would blurt them all at once But they’re stuck in all these Fragments jammed at the bottom of my lungs And my mind threatens to erupt But I’ve got a face to keep And my veins are going to implode Oh, it’s costing me my sleep Oh, the way you grin makes my heart stop dead And your kind warm words drain all judgement from my head Oh, my sanity’s placed secondary ‘Cause somehow your spot is now primary I don’t know how to tell you this Conscience, don’t tell me what to do But I think my heart’s made a little space for you” – I don’t known how to tell you this by Faith Link

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