Queen – 11/09/2023

My big babygirl big sister to her 2 chihuahua siblings and a momma dog to her adopted baby kitten. Who she would run to everytime the baby cried and fall asleep next to. She was a big sweetheart, VCA Swfwy family loved her dearly when she was abandoned there and how she came into my life. Taking care of her during her time there I knew I was meant to save her as she saved me too. She helped me more than I can express and I hope I did the same to her. I love my big babygirl so much. Car rides are not the same without you having the back window down to stick out your head unless it’s over 65 mph. And always dealing with me messing with her by making her dance or yelling “Queen!!” and shaking her being dramatic while she was trying relax and sleep. I wish I could do more for you and know how much I love her. I love you my Queen, forever your momma Queen – 11/09/2023

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