Rosalie 10/10/2008-09/25/2023

Rest In Peace To Our Baby Rosalie 10/10/2008-09/25/2023 Rose the love you gave me was more than what any person has ever shown me, what a beautiful thing it was to be loved by something that couldn’t even speak to me but showed her love to me in her own little ways . The bond you & i shared was one of a kind , the kind you only get once in a lifetime . Even though i only got to spend almost 3 years out of 15 with you i feel so lucky that god brought us into each others life’s. To my first orange fur baby thank you for showing me the true meaning of unconditional love & loyalty . Now go be in heaven with gigi & red 🩵 I love you my beautiful sweet girl🧡 -mom🧡 You Came Into Our Lives And Showed Us To A New Kind Of Love Babygirl,It’s A Love That Only We Understand With Each Other .You Had A Big Heart & It Showed To Everyone That Ever Met You, We Will Always Be Blessed To Know We Had A Beautiful Daughter That Loved To “Get Her Tan On”& Greet Us With Kisses And Your Sweet Meows Every Morning You Will Truly Be Missed But It’s Never Goodbye As We Will All Reunite Soon At Rainbow Bridge My Babasita 🐾-Dad🧡

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