Sterling Petee

In memory of Sterling Petee. The BEST Dog in the world. Sterling was adopted on 9/11/2018. It’s really not fair that dogs don’t live forever. I rescued Sterling 5 years ago today, and he rescued me right back. I found this perfect brown fluff ball in the Hufflepuff house in a shelter and knew he had to be mine. His adoption fee was $40 and I had $38 and a ton of anxiety. I think the people at the shelter knew we needed each other because they had no hesitation about me taking him home. Sterling gave me purpose, to move, to get out of my depression, to want better for the both of us. From the moment I met him he was the sweetest, cuddliest, nicest boy. Sterling never let me be alone, he was protective and loving. There are really not enough ways to say I loved him with my whole heart. I will miss you buddy, I will see you again one day.

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