Topoli, 6/24/2008 – 10/12/2023

For 15 years you were at my side. 15 years we ran around and chased after toys. 15 years you’ve listened to all my problems without judgment. 15 years you provided nothing but love towards me. I’m relieved that you are lo longer in pain, but heart broken that I’ll never get to watch you stick your head out the window while we cruise around any more. You were the best girl anyone could have asked for. The most loving little dog with the cutest smile and most beautiful eyes. I love you Topoli and will miss you for the rest of my days. I hope you have endless days of running around with the old squad. Give kisses to Echo, Truman and Bronson for me. And let mama know I still think about her. RIP Topoli, 6/24/2008 – 10/12/2023

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