Ari May 7, 2007 – May 9, 2022

My little love. My Ari Poo.

Intelligent, fiercely loyal, quirky, incredibly sweet, sock bandit. Best cuddles, sweetest hugs, the most comfortable “pilly”. You barked at your own shadow, but you were just saying “hello, look at me!” I knew you were a real one…my ride or die that one time my heart was broken and couldn’t get out of bed for days. You didn’t get up until I got up. And when I had my ankle surgeries you chilled with me and licked on my cast. I’m going to miss your spunky walk, your bunny hop, your nosey nature, those long lashes and the prettiest big brown eyes. Your zoomies, stinky breath, your warm little body always by my side. The sweetest good morning huggies and you doing the butt. You were the best dog in MY world. El niño mas hermoso de el mundo entero. Through thick and thin for 15 years – my constant companion. A little soldier until your last breath. My perfect little bearded gentleman. Nothing quite compares to the unconditional love you were in this world, buddy. It’s moments like this that impact your life forever.

My sweet handsome boy…I love you too much, Ari. My heart hurts, my spirit is broken and I miss you immensely every. single. day.

I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. ♥

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