*Mia* 4/30/09-1/12/22

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My Precious Mia… Not a days goes by that something doesn’t remind me of you. Running to the door, barking when you heard me pick up the car keys so you could go for a ride. You were the best road trip buddy. Remembering your excitement when we would go on a bicycle ride and I would carry you in the sling around my shoulder as we rode through the neighborhood. You loved your squeaky toys, and hoarding them in your bed. Basking in the sun and rolling on you back on the soft grass. You had a big & bold presence in a little body. Your silly, quirky personality brought so much joy to my life. Missing your warm little body next to my side snuggled up in bed at night. You are so loved and missed. Knowing you are no longer struggling, and in pain everyday is what I have to keep reminding myself. The love and bond we share is priceless. That will never fade away. You are my “Heart Dog” Mia. You impacted my life and made me better. from the day I meet you I loved you and wanted to give you the best life. I think we did good together. You gave me a good life too. Thank you for being my best friend, and always keeping me on my toes. Til we meet again my sweet girl. I love you to infinity Mia.

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